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Road Trip Pillows

These road trip pillows are
an easy project, a great gift,
and a sure way to infuse some much-needed sanity
into your next family car trip.

I can describe 2016 as a year of NEW for my family.  Early in the year came a new baby.  In June, we bought a new house, and the move brought a new state, new neighborhood, new schools, friends, etc.  Of course, for the new house, we also purchased COUNTLESS new things, from the essential (a kitchen trashcan) to the utilitarian (a sectional for the family room), to the purely decorative (gorgeous new wallpaper for my daughter’s room).  Needless to say, we have acquired many, many new things… SO MANY!  We have shopped so much, in fact, that when Christmas came along, we dreaded the idea of spending even more money on even more stuff.  So, we decided to spend the money on memories, not things this year.  Instead of physical gifts, my husband and I gave my family a trip to Washington, DC.