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Iced Coffee 101


It turns out
there is more to iced coffee than I thought...

Does this happen to everyone? Sometimes, events all conspire to make me notice something special. One day, I learn about this thing, and suddenly it is everywhere. All my friends are talking about it, it is on TV and on the radio and in all the magazines, all over Pinterest, Facebook, etc. It was there all along, of course, but it is now mine, and I see it with fresh eyes and marvel at its existence.

This exact phenomenon happened with iced coffee. A few days ago, I opened to a page in Wine Spectator Magazine and saw a quick, one-page article of various ideas for iced coffee drinks. The recipes all called for coffee concentrate. I scanned the article and thought: what is this coffee concentrate? Because it seemed like some hard-to-find specialty item, or worse, something I have to make myself, I quickly dismissed it.