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September 16th Turkey Meatloaf


A lighter version of a classic home-cooked meal,
this crowd-pleaser 
is hearty, delicious,
moist, and perfect for a fall day.

Happy September 17th!

You must surely be thinking: Why is September 17th a special day? Well, it is special because it is the day after September 16th, which is the day after September 15th. I may or may not have mentioned previously that I am a tax accountant, and September 15th is a huge filing deadline. For months before this momentous day, tax accountants work long hours, 70-, 80-, 90-hour weeks, to ensure that all partnership and corporate tax returns are filed on time. We work, and work, and work, and really do very little but work. We do not see friends, we neglect our families, we are lax about or health and personal hygiene, and, most notably, we do not sleep. However, it all does come to an end eventually, and September 16th marks the day of re-entry into normal life.

 I should also mention here that there are still some tax professionals working towards the October 15th deadline, but I am (thankfully) not one of them.

Tax accountants make up only a small percentage of our population, but I am sure most people can relate to the feeling of September 16th. After working so hard and for so long towards a goal, everything is finished, there is no work, you can relax. So, you find yourself in this nowhere space, where you are not quite sure what to do with yourself. Yes, you want to partake in all the pleasures you have denied yourself for months, and you need to catch up on all those chores that have remained un-done, but you are just not sure where to begin. Well, here is what I did yesterday: I took my daughter to school, came home, took a nap until noon, read a magazine, and made dinner. Then, I ate this delicious dinner with my family, we went for a walk, and eventually we all went to sleep. I did a whole lot of nothing, and it was glorious!

For dinner, I wanted to make something comforting and homey, something that took time and care, but not so much time that it felt like work. You see, thoughtful cooking is one of those pleasures I must forego during busy season.  So, I made turkey meatloaf. My turkey meatloaf is not your average meatloaf, mind you. It is a recipe I have perfected over the years, and have never before written down. My meatloaf is full of that umami taste which makes you feel homey and safe and full of comfort. It is loved by children and adults alike, and every au-pair that has ever stayed with us had has loved it, regardless of nationality. It is hearty and moist and finally, and this is very important for me, it is actually quite healthy. So, without further ado, let me share my recipe with you.

This recipe will usually feed my family for two days, unless people are especially meatloaf-deprived and ask for seconds and thirds. I serve the meatloaf sliced, with a jarred mushroom or chicken gravy, a starch such as boiled, smashed potatoes, and a vegetable or salad.  Enjoy!


Monika's Turkey Meatloaf

meatloaf 5

To see the recipe, click here.


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