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Easy Frozen Goodies

Sometimes there is nothing
like a popsicle
to make everything feel
like summer.

When I was a child, we lived in Bridesburg, a typical Philadelphia neighborhood. Our house was a row home on a street of row homes. Each house had a small yard in the back and an even smaller one in the front, and I cannot remember a single tree on our block. Needless to say, the summers were HOT amidst all that brick and asphalt and concrete. In addition, we did not have air conditioning at all when we came to the United States, so there was little relief from the Philadelphia summer. Maybe that is why, when I was a little girl, I was obsessed with frozen treats. Or maybe it was that ice cream truck, which made its way through our neighborhood every day. I remember longing for a cone or a slushie, while that tune of “The Entertainer” got softer and louder as the truck made its way down one street then up another.

On some special days, my sister and I got money from our parents and we too stood in line for something delicious. On all the other days, we dug through the sofa cushions for change so we could go to the corner store, or invented frozen concoctions of our own. Today, I still love cold treats in the summer, and I am glad to say my kids love them too. Here are a few of my favorites.


Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

A container of yogurt
and a popsicle stick
are all you need
to make this simple frozen treat.

frozen yogurt

Take a container of yogurt (we used Trix Raspberry Rainbow, but any yogurt will do), cut a small slit in the top, and push a popsicle stick through the opening. Push down until the stick touches the bottom of the container. Then, pop the whole thing in the freezer overnight. The yogurt will become a delicious frozen treat, and you will become a star parent as you encourage your kids to have popsicles for breakfast.

To see the recipe, click here.


Freeze Pops

freeze pops

When we walked home from school, my sister and I would often stop at Lachowich’s, a corner store on the way home. We would spend any and all change we had on snacks. Usually, it was penny candy or those little HUG fruity drink barrels, or, if we were particularly wealthy, a 25 cent bag of Doritos. When it was hot outside, we would save up for giant Flavor Ices. Each one cost 50 cents but we would get it cut in half and share it on the way home. After a whole day of school in June, in those ghastly polyester uniforms, those cold popsicles were heaven.

Today, I know that freeze pops are complete junk. They are artificially flavored water, dyed with food colors that are surely outlawed in civilized countries. Nonetheless, I still love them and have no qualms giving them to the kids. In fact, these have become a traditional beach snack for my family (we keep a pair of scissors in the cooler in the summer). They are a fun and refreshing blast from the past.


Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas

Frozen bananas covered in
chocolate make a great
summertime dessert

frozen bananas

While I am sure that these exist in other places, I discovered these goodies on our last family vacation to Disney World. I found them in one of the snack carts located throughout the parks, and these became my most favorite way to spend the snack points from our dining plan. It has been five years since that vacation, and yet these have stayed with me. They are bananas covered in chocolate. Need I say more? They make a great snack, and they are both nutritious and delicious, which is always music to my ears.

To see the recipe, click here.


Pina Colada Popsicles

Pineapple and coconut combine
to make a snack reminiscent
of an exotic tropical vacation.

pina colada pops

I absolutely love those containers for making popsicles. Almost any beverage can be made into a delicious snack in a matter of hours. When we were kids, we used lemonade and orange juice and iced tea. These days, for my kids, I will use the more sophisticated Naked juices and smoothies, because their interesting flavor combinations make equally interesting popsicles. When I am feeling especially inspired, I will throw in some chopped fruit. For me, I have made coffee popsicles and cheesecake popsicles. This refreshing , ultra-summery flavor combination or pineapple and coconut is sure to impress both kids and adults.

To see the recipe, click here.


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