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September 16th Turkey Meatloaf


A lighter version of a classic home-cooked meal,
this crowd-pleaser 
is hearty, delicious,
moist, and perfect for a fall day.

Happy September 17th!

You must surely be thinking: Why is September 17th a special day? Well, it is special because it is the day after September 16th, which is the day after September 15th. I may or may not have mentioned previously that I am a tax accountant, and September 15th is a huge filing deadline. For months before this momentous day, tax accountants work long hours, 70-, 80-, 90-hour weeks, to ensure that all partnership and corporate tax returns are filed on time. We work, and work, and work, and really do very little but work. We do not see friends, we neglect our families, we are lax about or health and personal hygiene, and, most notably, we do not sleep. However, it all does come to an end eventually, and September 16th marks the day of re-entry into normal life.


Easy Frozen Goodies

easy frozen treats

Sometimes there is nothing
like a popsicle
to make everything feel
like summer.

When I was a child, we lived in Bridesburg, a typical Philadelphia neighborhood. Our house was a row home on a street of row homes. Each house had a small yard in the back and an even smaller one in the front, and I cannot remember a single tree on our block. Needless to say, the summers were HOT amidst all that brick and asphalt and concrete. In addition, we did not have air conditioning at all when we came to the United States, so there was little relief from the Philadelphia summer. Maybe that is why, when I was a little girl, I was obsessed with frozen treats. Or maybe it was that ice cream truck, which made its way through our neighborhood every day. I remember longing for a cone or a slushie, while that tune of “The Entertainer” got softer and louder as the truck made its way down one street then up another.