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Welcome to M things.  My name is Monika Briggs, and this site is my newest project.  

To understand this site, you need to know a bit about me.  I am a mom of four kids, a wife to my wonderful husband, a tax accountant, a graduate student, and the owner of a small crafting business.  I am dedictaed to my family and my career, and also committed to being myself.  My life is very full, and I have very little leisure time.  The free time I do have I prefer to spend doing things.  I also believe in sharing my passions with my children and teaching them by doing, whether by sharing interesting experiences, cooking them fresh and delicious food, or making them sweaters and toys.  

So, I am broadcasting my passions to the world.  I am starting a site for parents who love doing things, who love cooking and making things for their children, and who are always looking for new ideas.  As a side benefit, I hope to share a bit of the wisdom I have acquired raising my little ones.

I am always interested in new ideas and any feedback you may have.  Drop me a line here:    contact

Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy!

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