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Eating in Season

Eating in season is the key to 
getting the best quality produce
at the lowest prices. 
Here is a guide to
what is in season all year round.

A few days ago, my mother in law stopped by and brought with her some blueberries.  These blueberries were not some average blueberries.  They were large and plump and absolutely delicious, bursting with perfect blueberry flavor.  They tasted just like blueberries should.  I later found out they came from a local farm, not the grocery store.  I am lucky enough to live in a country where I have access to pretty much any produce I desire, year round.  I eat blueberries all year.  However, they only taste this wonderful in the summer, during blueberry season.


Ethan's Graduation


And just like that, our oldest
has finished middle school. 
It is crazy to think
he will be starting
high school in the fall.

I must admit, scrapbooking this event brought a few tears to my eye.  I cannot believe how quickly time passes and how quickly kids grow up.


Something for the Birds

Make a nutritious and delicious
winter snack for your
backyard feathered friends.

Winter is a challenging time for all the birds that choose to stick around and spend the winter here in New Jersey. 


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